Inspiring Others To Bark Off Negative Experiences

Bark Off to Negativity and Embrace True Self

Bark Off to Negativity and Embrace True Self

Bella's Bark Boutique is pleased to announce it is inspiring others to ‘Bark Off’ negative experiences with its empowering ‘Bark Off’ apparel line.

Bellas Bark Boutique is a small, home-based, women-owned business located in middle Tennessee. The brand is a dog boutique that provides custom gifts for dog lovers and dogs, all natural and no preservative homemade dog treats, and problem-solving dog toys to reduce anxiety and boredom. At its core, Bellas Bark Boutiques mission is to create simple, yet impactful, products that inspire pet owners nationwide to bring up their furry friends with as much love as possible.

In the brands most recent news, Bellas Bark Boutique has launched its brand-new Bark Off apparel solar clothing line with UPF50 Protection that earns The Skin Cancer Foundations Seal of Recommendation. The game-changing solar apparel line was developed to honor the late Sharon Smith, who sadly passed away from melanoma.

Bark Off is a promise to myself to expose my life to the possibilities of failure and face the test life throws at me with optimism, says founder of Bellas Bark Boutique, Elissa Farris. It reminds me to stand up for my values, make my needs a priority, and never let anyone treat me like I am beneath them. I realize the only thing holding me back from doing something truly amazing is me!

My hope is that the Bark Off line can inspire others too, Elissa continues. BARK OFF to anything negative in your life that is holding you back from embracing your true self! BARK OFF to the toxic people that dust you with their negative energy. BARK OFF and stop letting them steal your energy, dampen your spirit, and drag you down! BARK OFF to negative jobs, negative relationships, and negative situations! After all, a wise woman once said, Bark Off and she lived happily ever after.

Bellas Bark Boutiques signature Bark Off slogan is currently in the process of being trademarked.

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About Bellas Bark Boutique

Bellas Bark Boutique was founded in June 2021 by Elissa Farris, a middle Tennessee native who is a dog mom to a one-year-old service dog in training, as well as a senior dog. She holds valuable experience volunteering with several rescues, from fostering German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. Additionally, Elissa has also worked part-time in a busy veterinarian hospital for nine years.

Elissa Farris
Bellas Bark Boutique
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